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When I was 28 years old, I received a diagnosis of premature ovarian failure/insufficiency. I don’t want you to struggle like I did. So I’ve combined cutting edge personalized technologies with a mind, body and spirit methodology to optimize fertility so that you can improve the chances of pregnancy success with low AMH, high FSH, diminished ovarian reserve and premature ovarian failure/insufficiency.

What We Do


We provide concierge-level service that includes your partner so that you can optimize your chances of pregnancy success with low AMH, high FSH, premature ovarian insufficiency/failure and diminished ovarian reserve.


Our Fab Fertile Method emphasizes individualized science-based testing. No more guessing. Which fast tracks pregnancy success with your own eggs.


We take a whole body personalized approach to your fertility focusing on how all inputs affect your health so that you optimize your preconception health as you prepare for your baby.


I came to the Fab Fertile program as a last result having gone through multiple rounds of failed IVF, IUI, and clomid cycles over the course of a few years. It is relevant to note that I had an AMH of 0.09 which is considered undetectable by most doctors (and told donor eggs were my only option). This program was the impetus I needed to make positive changes to my diet. I also strayed outside of my comfort zone to try things like yoga and meditation. I found out I have Celiac Disease because of this program! Unbelievably, just four short months after making the diet and lifestyle changes I fell pregnant naturally with a little boy. Aside from getting pregnant, I look and feel better, my skin is clearer, I am less anxious, stress levels are down, and I’m happier overall.

Highly recommended

Working with the Fab Fertile team has been a wonderful experience. I went into the program without most of the answers as to why I had been feeling so poorly and causes for infertility, bloating, gas and other GI distress. I will be ending the program now knowing and appropriately managing Hashimotos, probable celiac, SIBO and “leaky gut”. I have learned to adjust my lifestyle to one promoting and exuberating health. After following their advice I conceived my baby with IVF and I am very grateful I found the team, they have literally helped change my life. I highly recommend their program!

– Lindsey

The Fab Fertile team’s commitment to you as an individual and as a couple is invaluable. The coaching calls were the highlight of this program and were a place where all the laughs and tears were released, highs and lows were shared, failed goals were discussed and future goals were set. Sarah's patience and way with words made us feel truly cared for. The program in its entirety is a great start to help make life time changes. I was able to conceive during my next IVF with my own eggs (after multiple failed IVF procedures and being told donor eggs were my only option).

– Zara

Case Studies


How EMDR Can Help During The Fertility Journey
How EMDR Can Help During The Fertility Journey

The fertility journey can be filled with triggers, heartbreak and frustration. Today we’re joined by Tess Davies to talk about how EMDR can help improve pregnancy success. Tess is a Licensed Social Worker who provides telehealth therapy specializing in helping individuals heal from trauma.


How To Finally Get Rid Of Constipation So That You Can Improve Fertility
How To Finally Get Rid Of Constipation So That You Can Improve Fertility

Did you know that 60% of women report weekly constipation symptoms and 90% report monthly symptoms? There are many women and men that only have bowel movements (BMs) a few times a week. This inability to eliminate regularly can have a dramatic impact on both men and women’s fertility, yet as a society, we have begun to accept it as normal. Not having 1-3 BMs a day is common, not normal. It is common, but it is not ok and here is why. 

How To Optimize Vitamin D And Why It Matters For Fertility
How To Optimize Vitamin D And Why It Matters For Fertility

Vitamin D is involved in so many things within our bodies and when we have a deficiency, our bodies truly struggle. It is vital because it is a hormone needed for a multitude of processes throughout our bodies, including but not limited to egg quality, development of your hormones, and your immune system. When it’s low, you are likely to experience a lot of inflammation. 

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