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Today I’m welcoming Melanie Colewell to the podcast today.

We’re digging into subconscious fertility blocks and how we can begin to heal on a deeper level.

I recently connected with Melanie.  I love Melanie’s approach to the fertility journey. She believes in the body’s ability to heal, that our thoughts impact our physical bodies, that a positive fertility journey is more than concoction drinking, pill popping, ovulation tracking, restrictive diets and a punishing exercise regime

Melanie Colwell is a Fertility Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist who helps ambitious, driven women get pregnant and enjoy stress-free pregnancies and calm births. Her speciality is helping women to eliminate subconscious fertility blocks, reduce stress, and assist their bodies to heal on a deeper level. Melanie has appeared on Australian TV programs, Insight and The Feed, and in various print and online media including Cosmopolitan Magazine and news.com.au and has been privately trained and mentored by Lynsi Eastburn, the world’s leading expert in HypnoFertility (and is one of only 12 practitioners she personally recommends worldwide).

Melanie uses her unique blend of training, experience and intuition to tailor her approach to suit each individual’s needs and priorities, whether in her group program, The Fertile Womb or in private VIP coaching packages. Melanie is a Registered Professional Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists.  Check out her website melaniecolwell.com

On this podcast you’ll learn:

  • How to shift away from the pills, fertility appointments, obsessive researching, crazy diet…to a place where its okay to have an uncertain future.
  • For Type A women…moving from pushing/controlling…to a place of surrender may seem completely foreign…we’ll learn where to start.
  • We discuss feminine and masculine energy..and how to move from hustle to flow
  • Subconscious blocks (body has failed me, never be a mother)…and how to release these blocks through (movement, journalling, breathwork)
  • How to shift perspective on the journey to be a mother or build a family.
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Listen here: