Today I’m welcoming Alison McLean to the podcast.

We’re digging into chronic pain and how that can impact your fertility.

Alison McLean, physical therapist, yoga therapist and massage therapist, is the founder of Ignite Wellness an in-person clinic in Encinitas, and online Health Business, for tools, programs, 1:1 sessions and more to help the active adult who values their health, feel more confident in their body with hope for the future to feel BETTER as they age. 


When we are dealing with infertility it may feel overwhelming and knowing where to start may have us feeling stuck.

That’s why our Fab Fertile Method takes a targeted approach to your preconception health.

Our approach addresses the underlying stressors such as a food sensitivity, gut infection, environmental toxin exposure, mental/emotional stress, and structural stress (i.e. pinched nerve, chronic pain).

I wanted to explore chronic pain and how that impacts fertility. Whether it’s back, knee, neck, or sciatica – chronic pain impacts more than 100 million Americans.

We may not think this is related to our infertility, but it is a stressor on your body. And if your body is under attack it wants to survive, not procreate.

In this episode you’ll learn:


1. How chronic pain impacts our fertility and hormones

2. The top mistakes with chronic pain treatments. The most common types of pain (i.e. back, knee, sciatica and neck) and the impact on physical/emotional health.

3. Therapy, lifestyle, supplement and essential oil recommendations


Resources from this episode:


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