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Stephanie Roth joins me and we’re digging into what she did to get pregnant at 43 when she was told she had less than a 2% chance of conceiving.
Stephanie Roth is a holistic fertility coach. She helps to prepare your body, mind, and spirit to grow your family.
When she was 42, a reproductive endocrinologist told her that her egg supply was “undetectable” and that she had less than a 2% chance of successfully getting pregnant with her own eggs.
She extensively studied fertility and female reproductive health, as well as nutrition and wellness, to take charge of her own fertility. As a result, she conceived and delivered a healthy baby at the age of 43, after only a year of trying and with no major medical intervention. Visit her website here.


On this podcast you’ll learn:

  • Stephanie tells us exactly what she did to get pregnant at 43.
  • So many women get caught up with what their reproductive endocrinologist says and don’t question it.  How we can learn to be our own advocate.
  • How to shift our mindset.  
  • Many women are afraid and desperate that they will never be a mother and that time is running out.  We talk about how to move into the into a place of calm/trust/faith.
  • Stephanie shares a mindfulness practice that you used to get pregnant and have her son!

You can check out her 101 Tips To Boost Fertility at your www.yourfertileself.com

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